"As we reached out, families opened their hearts and shared their struggles and we were able to respond with meaningful and tangible assistance to help get them through the tough times".

Clare Pearson Chief Executive Officer

Clare Pearson
Little Wings Chief Executive Officer

Camilla & Abbey

Camilla - 5 YR OLD

At 5 years old, she is the youngest of 5 children and has just had her fifth open heart surgery. To say that this little girl is courageous and wise beyond her years is an understatement. “We have been flying with little wings for 3 years now, every flight feels like home. Thanks little wings for making every journey possible” - Abbey, mother.

Victoria & Rebeccah

Victoria - 18 MONTHS YR OLD

Victoria is learning to walk and is very curious about her surrounds, and as a result, accidentally pulled a cup of hot tea all over herself. Today she has serious burns and layer-upon-layer of bandaging to help her heal. “We are so grateful that little wings are helping us get home. It has been a challenging time and we are so thankful that you are helping our little family reunite” - Rebeccah, mother


Zac & Rebecca

Zac - 10 YR OLD

Zac had cancer in the tissue around the eye, late last year, this resulted in removal of the eye and an intense bout of chemotherapy. But in May of 2021, just before lockdown struck NSW, Zac was told that the cancer had spread which would require further surgery and treatment at @westmeadkids ... this has seen him and his family remain in Sydney for some 4-months, together supporting Zac through this challenging time. “We are deeply grateful for the entire team of little wings. Throughout our journey you were there, you helped us celebrate the positive milestones and held us in the moments we could not face” - Rebecca, mother



Bailey - 8 YR OLD

All the way from Tottenham (the geographic centre of NSW). Bailey and his dad traveled home on Christmas Eve, making sure they were home to celebrate this special time of year with their family.
Bailey has complex needs that effect his neurological development, hearing and vision. He also has Spina bifida, this making travelling long distances very uncomfortable. In fact, if driving to his appointments at @westmeadkids, it usually takes the family 3 days due to the distance, constant stopping and distress. Anthony told us ‘its amazing, I honestly can not believe that we have been able to travel and see Bailey’s specialists, AND be home in time for Christmas, in less then 48-hours.
Living in the country has many great perks, but when you have a sick child, it just makes everything that much harder and more complicated and expensive. Thanks Little Wings, seriously, you guys are just awesome!’



Armani - 10 YR OLD

This girl is pure sunshine... resilient, positive and empowered. A country kid through and through. But it has not always been the case, at 5 years old she endured third degree burns to her body, limbs and face... the remaining healthy skin on one leg and her head used to generate skins graphs.


Akl 1 Years Old


Akl’s dad, Khaled, who said ‘thank you so much for your kindness and thought, the support for my family and offering of time have been the greatest gifts we could ask for.’


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