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Welcome to the “Soaring Toward Zero Bullying” Teacher’s Guide, a comprehensive resource designed to support you in delivering a transformative and impactful ten-week program on kindness, empathy, and bullying
prevention. We understand the pivotal role teachers play in shaping young minds and nurturing a safe and inclusive school environment

This guide is your companion as you embark on this educational journey with your students. It provides you with a structured framework, lesson plans, and engaging activities to facilitate meaningful discussions and experiences that promote kindness and empathy. Together, we will equip students with the tools they need to stand up against bullying and create a culture of respect and inclusivity.

 This program is supported by the learning materials you will find in this Student Activities Resource Pack.

A ten-week educational initiative designed to cultivate kindness, empathy, and bullying prevention among students.

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1. Introduction - Clare Pearson

2. Student Experience - Teagan Ferguson

3. Stop The Rot - Josh Reynolds

4. Tips and Tools - Katie McIntryre

meet the team


little wings vip flyer, cancer survivor, anti-bullying champion

This program was inspired by a young woman, Teagan, with lived experience of bullying. After years of debilitating treatments for cancer, Teagan was bullied on her return to school because she looked and sounded different. Here she shares her story & learnings on how to change the narrative for other students in the future. Josh Reynolds will be attending the Central West School Launches, engaging with students to facilitate an honest, safe space for students to learn, discuss and provide tools how they can help seriously ill children feel welcomed, included and safe when they return back to school after a traumatic health journey.


meet Josh Reynolds

Little Wings brand Ambassador

“Through the program, the students will develop an understanding of bullying and its impact and explore aspects of kindness and empathy, allowing them to be champions of kindness and inclusivity within their school and community. Let’s stop the rot”.

Josh Reynolds

Josh Reynolds will be atttending the Central West School Launches, engaging with students to faciliate an honest, safe sapce for students to learn, discuss and provide tools  how they can help seriously ill children feel welcomed, included and safe when they return back to school after a traumatic health journey.

katie mcintyre

soaring towards zero bullying creator

"Our aim is to empower you as educators to inspire your
students, fostering not only a deeper understanding of
the program’s core principles but also a commitment to
applying them in their daily lives. Together, we can create
a lasting impact that extends beyond the classroom,
shaping a generation of compassionate and empathetic
individuals who will contribute to a kinder and more
inclusive world".

Thank you for your dedication to this important cause.
We are excited to join hands with you in the journey
toward a future with zero tolerance for bullying.



meet clare pearson

soaring towards zero bullying creator

Clare is the CEO at Little Wings and has dedicated her career to the not-for-profit sector. Prior to Little Wings, she has fulfilled roles as CEO in the anti-human trafficking and disability industries.

Clare is a qualified psychologist, specialising in child and adolescent welfare, and is passionate about working in community-based projects aimed at making a difference in the lives of children and their families.




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Why Young Cancer Survivors Are Often Bullied on Their Return to School


After Teagan Ferguson underwent several debilitating treatments for her cancer diagnosis, she was hugely looking forward to going back to school and a sense of normalcy and regular life.


“The cancer treatments had taken a toll on me, and I looked and sounded different when I returned to learning. Rather than be welcomed back with open arms, I experienced bullying and unhappiness in a place that should have been a sanctuary,” said Teagan.


She isn’t alone. Many children who head back to school after cancer treatments can be exposed to harsh bullying due to the treatment’s impact on their appearance or demeanour.


In addition, the regular treatments can cause absences from school, leading to isolation and loneliness as new friendship groups and bonds are formed.


It’s a crucial issue that Teagan, charity Little Wings and former NRL player and anti-bullying advocate Josh Reynolds are looking to address with a new program called Soaring Towards Zero Bullying, created by Katie McIntyre.


“We need to make sure schools are equipped to handle the unseen side effects of cancer treatments on young children,” said Ms McIntyre. “They often need special consideration, so we need to be able to take extra steps to make them feel a sense of normalcy again, and that includes reducing the risk of bullying or ostracisation.”


“It can be as simple as preparing a classroom – teacher included - for the fact that someone returning to school might be wearing a beanie or hat inside due to hair loss, so that no one mentions it or points it out.”


The Soaring Towards Zero Bullying program is a free resource that will be available to all schools in Australia.


The Soaring Towards Zero Bullying program is running a launch program at TBD School between 27 May and June 1. As part of this program, we’d love to have you visit the launch school for one of the days to see the program in action.


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