The services we offer at Little Wings are made possible by an amazing network of volunteer pilots, drivers and event staff. By volunteering, you can help us fulfill our vision that every child in need can rely on our support and we are very grateful to those who get involved by offering their time and skills as a Little Wings volunteer.

As a Little Wings volunteer, you will be part of our dedicated and passionate team witnessing first-hand how Little Wings creates a huge positive impact through our services to rural and regional families in NSW, ACT and QLD.


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    volunteer stories

    At the heart of every charitable endeavour lies a story of passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Therefore, these are stories about our Volunteers and how their journeys with Little Wings are perfect illustrations of utilising such characteristics in helping countless families across the state receive the medical treatment they desperately need.

    meet luca

    Flying for Little Wings has been on Luca’s mind for a long time as he briefly volunteered back in 2013 for a Little Wings Charity Golf Day. However, he was young and did not yet have the qualifications or experience required to become a pilot with us. He stated, since 2013, “I’ve been following Little Wings on their journey with the goal of one day returning as a pilot”. This goal became a reality a little under a year ago when Luca joined the team of Little Wings volunteers.

    For Luca, volunteering isn't just a task; rather, it is something deeply ingrained within him. "Volunteering is something I’ve always been involved and interested in throughout my life," he explains. "I think I am quite lucky to be able to call myself a pilot and fly planes for a living. So to be able to use those skills to help others in any capacity is such a privilege."

    The mission of Little Wings resonates profoundly with him as he understands and witnesses first-hand the burden and strain on families from the bush who require medical treatment that is not readily available in their hometown. As Luca reflects on his time at Little Wings, he states "Every day, every journey with Little Wings is memorable”. However, one moment in particular stood out for the pilot:

    “A family first told me their story about how, before Little Wings, they would have made the same journey with public transport. A journey that would often take over 12 hours! To hear that, and every other time I hear a similar story about the difference Little Wings is making for each family they support, is truly heartwarming."

    In every flight, and every story shared to him by the families he supports, this volunteer pilot embodies the compassion and service that defines Little Wings - ultimately uplifting families and spreading hope with each and every journey. Thank you Luca!



    introducing kate

    For Kate, volunteering with Little Wings has been an eight-month journey of giving her time and skills outside of the corporate sector to give support to regional and remote communities. As her career and family commitments reached a point where volunteering became viable, Kate found herself drawn to Little Wings through her role at Aeria Management Group within Bankstown Airport.

    Kate chose Little Wings as her preferred charity as the dedication to supporting seriously ill children and their families from regional areas resonated deeply with her. The passion, determination, and creativity of the team left a lasting impression. Kate admires the organisation's commitment to providing equal opportunities for regional children in accessing essential medical care.

    Little Wings, to Kate, is more than a transportation service. The organisation, with its firm focus on safety, respect, and care, goes above and beyond, “they don’t say no, and get ‘stuff’ done”. Kate appreciates the holistic support Little Wings provides, easing the impact of long-term illnesses on entire families and bringing unexpected joy to the children.

    The moment of greatest impact for Kate has been working alongside passionate individuals committed to the Little Wings purpose. Every interaction, project, and undertaking are geared toward raising the organisation's profile, generating the much-needed funds to meaningfully supporting seriously ill children and their families.


    introducing john

    John is a dedicated volunteer driver who has been navigating the roads for Little Wings for the past 18 months. Inspired by a powerful presentation to his Probus Club, where he serves as President, John was immediately hooked to the mission. He was drawn to the work Little Wings does in bringing advanced health services to people in country NSW.

    Originally from outback NSW, John's understanding of the healthcare challenges faced by rural communities, especially during his mother's time as a hospital matron, motivated him to choose Little Wings over other meaningful causes. Therefore, for John, Little Wings is not just a charity; it's a lifeline connecting country people to essential health services only available in major cities. In addition to his driving for Little Wings, his passions also involve teaching Primary Ethics and Probus.

    The power and significance of Little Wings is evident in every drive John completes. Families consistently express appreciation for the huge difference the organisation has made in their lives, alleviating the stress and the financial hardship of travelling with a sick child. John recounts one moment in particular, a conversation with a young single Mum faced with the all-encompassing challenge of raising a child with serious health issues. She explained how she found support and connection in Little Wings, particularly when communicating with the Volunteer Pilots and Drivers who made her family feel so safe.

    John Baker 3
    Frank Egan

    introducing Frank

    For the past two years, the open road has been both a pathway and a purpose for one dedicated Little Wings volunteer. Meet Frank, a retiree with a heart of gold and a passion for helping those from the bush.

    Retirement often marks a time of leisure, but for Frank, it became an opportunity for something more meaningful. His motivation and dedication at Little Wings shines through a simple desire to be of service. "I liked the idea of being able to help families from the country who have extra expenses in dealing with medical issues that people in the city don’t."

    The Little Wings mission holds a special place in Frank's heart. "I like being in a position to help out," he explains. "I’m very fortunate to have my health and the time to do something that is very much appreciated by the people we help." To him, it's not just about giving back; it's about recognising his privilege and extending a hand to those in need.

    With each kilometre driven, he weaves hope into the lives of those facing medical challenges, financial hardship, and emotion strain, effectively embodying the spirit of service that defines our mission. Frank's long-standing journey with Little Wings is not just measured in distance, but in the immeasurable impact of his selflessness and commitment to the cause.



    Become a Little Wings Volunteer Driver

    As a Volunteer Driver for Little Wings, you will be responsible for providing the safe, reliable and efficient transportation of patients and their families from the airport to the Children’s Hospitals. Your role is an essential and valued part of the Little Wings service and provides families with a complete transport solution. A vehicle and full training will be provided.

    As a Volunteer Driver you will:

    • Work on a roster basis performing at least 1 drive per fortnight. Please note that the journey usually takes between 2-3 hours (round trip) and takes place 7 days a week, usually between the hours of 9am-5pm.
    • Hold a current and valid full Australian Driver’s Licence
    • Possess at least 2 years driving experience with excellent driving skills and an exemplary driving record
    • Hold a current police check and Working with Children Check (or be willing to apply for one)
    • Be confident and competent when it comes to driving an 8-seater van

    Our Little Wings volunteer drivers operate out of the Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane regions.

    "Become a Little Wings Volunteer Pilot

    Little Wings is based at Bankstown, Cessnock and Archerfield Airports. We operate Beechcraft Baron aircraft, which are available seven days a week, to meet the needs of rural and regional families in NSW, ACT and QLD. As a Volunteer Pilot for Little Wings, you will be responsible for providing safe, reliable and efficient transportation for families from NSW rural and regional airports to Bankstown, Cessnock and Archerfield Airport.

    As a Volunteer Pilot you will have:

    • A Commercial Pilot’s License
    • Class One Medical
    • At least 1000 hours flying time
    • CIR with a minimum of 2 Renewal
    • 75 hours actual instrument time
    • DGA Certificate
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    Little Wings

    Become a Little Wings Event Volunteer

    Little Wings hosts attend fundraising events in NSW, ACT and QLD regional and metropolitan areas to raise vital funds for Little Wings and to raise public awareness of the charity. Events include air shows, regional agricultural shows, golf days, race days and fairs along with many other major community events. Volunteering for these events provides a great opportunity to contribute to our charity whilst having a fun day out.

    All costs to you as a volunteer will be covered including entry to the event, meals, a Little Wings uniform, parking etc. All we need is your generous help and smiling face to make the event a success and help spread the word about Little Wings.