Medical wings

Medical Wings delivers clinics in partnership with local hospitals, Aboriginal Medical Centres, primary health clinics and Immigration Centres to ensure families are able to access support in a culturally safe and welcoming environment. In FY22 Medical Wings delivered 129 clinics across regional and remote New South Wales with clinics averaging 25 scheduled pediatric patients a day per visiting doctor which on average per trip is 3 doctors, as well as patients also bringing family members for walk in appointments.

Medical Wings currently supports 3,200 families across regional and remote NSW, and benefits families, communities and the health system through increasing opportunities for treatment through:

  • increased access to services and increased utilisation,
  • improving family wellbeing through decreased travel and reducing anxiety related to health access and treatment,
  • alleviating economic burden through decreased travel costs, allowing parents and carers to stay within communities to continue working, and
  • strengthening the healthcare system through building capacity within the health workforce and reducing inappropriate use of paediatric hospital beds in rural and remote.