"Unveiling Dreams: Sue Wins a Hyundai Venue in the Hyundai Win A Car Promotion, Supporting Little Wings"


The Hyundai Win A Car Promotion commenced over 6 weeks, selling 2000 raffle tickets, with one lucky person winning a Hyundai Venue, valued at $27,000. The profits from the raffle were donated to Little Wings to fund 32 missions - providing free, professional, safe flight and ground transport services for seriously ill children in rural and regional NSW, ACT, and QLD. Little Wings strives to ease the journey and help sick children access specialized medical services and treatments that are only available in major cities or towns. Little Wings does everything they can to support families by easing the financial burden, emotional strain, and travel fatigue that they experience due to the long-distance travel associated with receiving vital medical treatment.


Elisha Leahey, Marketing Manager at Leahey Auto Group in Orange, explains how the relationship with Little Wings is such an important one: "Even from a local perspective within the central west where the lucky winner lives. Since the initiative Hyundai Help for Kids was established in 2014, along with Hyundai Australia and the Hyundai Australia Dealer Network, we've seen local families benefiting from the funds raised from every new vehicle sold at dealerships like these. To see how that impacts families on the ground is just so rewarding. I think I would like to offer Sue, the winner of the car, our biggest congratulations. And we can't wait to see you buzzing around town in your new Hyundai Venue and giving you a little wave on the way past." "So congratulations. As a regional community, we know families that have been impacted by the service and how it has actually made a difference to families and potentially made a difference to how, you know, how quickly their children have recovered from injuries or illness or as a family, how they've been able to stay together rather than the family being separated for months and months on end.


The Winner, Sue from Orange, NSW, was ecstatic and slightly confused when she found out she had won the car. Sue explains, "it means a lot. I received a phone call from a lady who I later found out was the governor of New South Wales. At that time, I did not know it was her. It was very late at night, and I let the call go straight through to voicemail. It wasn't until a couple of days had passed. I then received a phone call from Little Wings announcing that I had, in fact, won a beautiful Hyundai Venue, and of course, I was absolutely beyond thrilled to hear this news. It wasn't to win the car that I purchased the raffle tickets for; it was to support Little Wings. So that was just an added bonus. They do such a wonderful job here for all the families and the children that need assistance regionally, and I just wanted to give them a bit of my support."


Wally Mehenna, CEO of Canterbury Bankstown Chamber Of Commerce (CBCC), kindly supported Little Wings, inviting Little Wings to many chamber events during the 6 weeks to sell raffle tickets. Wally reached out to Sue on behalf of the Canterbury Banktown Chamber of Commerce, congratulating. It's an amazing Christmas gift. We wish you all the best as well as Little Wings. May 2024 be a successful year for you both." Little Wings is incredibly grateful to the CBCC, supporting Little Wings, making the raffle a major success.


Janette Davie - Little Wings Chair went to greet Sue in Orange, to officially present the Hyundai Venue. Janette reflected on the success of the promotion and what it meant for Little Wings. The promotion itself raised enough money for us to bring another 32 families into the children's hospitals. That's an enormous contribution. We love working with Hyundai. It's a really important part of who we are, partners who have stayed with us for a long time, who appreciate what we do, who understand the difference the service makes in regional New South Wales. So today is very special, and we want to thank everyone involved. Thank you so much on behalf of Little Wings, and of course, we didn't get our 32 people back in here without all the contributions from all the people who bought tickets. Sorry you didn't win, but we're very grateful for the support. Thank you."

Promotion Started: 18th October 2023

Prize Drawn: saturday 9th December 2023

Winner: Sue from Orange