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Mothers pay such an important role in our communities and in our homes, but they are all too often the unsung heroes, working silently in the background to keep households functioning and children thriving… at Little Wings we see this every day, we see the mothers and grandmothers that have put their lives on hold in support of the seriously ill child that they are caring for and willing to recovery.


The Little Wings, Let Her Bloom High Tea, has been a celebration to bring mothers to the forefront, to celebrate the highs and their incredible contributions, but also to acknowledge the time, effort and care that their pour into their family in the quieter, harder moments. This was a beautiful event that brought people together, to create, to hold space and to truly celebrate the mother, or mother figure, that we each hold dear.


We wish to thank our great sponsors, Bankstown Sports Club, who always champion community and deeply support the Little Wings mission… and to our supporters that helped ensure a memorable day of celebration and enabled people in our community to attend and experience a moment of relief and joy.


Thank you to all our guests, you were beautiful…. Thank you for bringing your loved ones, thank you for choosing to celebrate with Little Wings, and thank you for your generosity… the love continues to ripple across the Little Wings community.


Clear Pearson

Little Wings CEO

Thank you to our sponsors

You support is everything

Your Impact

This event saw a few very special guests in the hangar today, Little Wings VIP passengers, Portia, her big sister Paige and mother Megan. In 2023, Portia suffered a stroke that led to significant damage to her cognitive function, gross motor and general development, requiring routine travel with Little Wings to and from Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.


This special family of 3 have stuck together and pushed hard to support Portia but also to ensure Paige was part of the journey… because all too often siblings become lost in the chaos of a serious medical diagnosis, but they are a vital part of the path to recovery; helping instil a sense of normality, bringing the love and joy in droves.

“Little Wings has become a second family, they answered the call when we needed help and every time since, we are so thankful to all the volunteers who make the logistics of getting to the hospital stress free, we are so grateful”.

Megan, Mother


At this exclusive, sold-out event, we welcomed 60 guests into the Little Wings hangar.



Together, this incredible event will support another 5 families from regional and remote NSW, enabling Little Wings to provide air and ground transport… ensuring ongoing access to life-saving medical treatment that is not available locally.


The number of Hangar to Hospital missions funded by the generosity of the guests at the Little Wings, Let Her Bloom High Tea.

Mother's Day Gift

Delivered to a mother

from Bourke


Hannah and Katie

from Coffs Harbour


Ava and Deirde

from Wagga Wagga


Delivered to a mother

from Port Macquarie


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