happy international women's day

This is our second consecutive year formally celebrating this important day. Opening up important conversations about women in aviation, but also more broadly, as we do our part to create powerful change for girls and women.

At Little Wings we proudly have a diverse team, actively working to reflect our community and to create opportunities for connection, representation and inclusion across our service. Every day we are conscious that we are supporting the next generation of men and women, and we want to ensure that these children and young people feel supported and inspired by those that assist them.

We want Little Wings passengers to dream big, to recognise that superheroes in fact walk amongst us and that all is possible… but often to dream it and to believe it, we have to see it. So, the power, influence and impact of seeing a female pilot, a female driver, a female CEO and a female Chairperson should never be underestimated, but rather, it is these authentic images, positive experiences and incredible gestures that inspire and empower girls to be.

We want to say a special thank you to Bankstown Sports Club and Women's NSW, NSW Government for their support in allowing us to host this event… we are so proud to have partners that value women and uphold values of equality and equity across their teams and businesses. Aligning in value and vision helps create small but distinct changes locally and globally.

And finally, our ambassador, Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC Governor of New South Wales, thank you for championing our cause and helping shine a light on our mission, those we assist and women across NSW.

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