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Friday 26th June 2015


I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the new Managing Director of Little Wings. I have been a member of the Board of Directors of Little Wings for the past year, and have been promoted from my role as Financial Controller. Meanwhile, Adrian Nisbet has been appointed as Chairman of the Board. Adrian has been involved with the charity since its commencement as Volunteer Flight Operations Manager and more recently appointed as a member of the Board.

As many as you of would be aware, Kevin Robinson, former CEO and Founder of Little Wings, was recently terminated from his position within the charity. We would like to acknowledge the hard work that Kevin has put into the organisation, starting it from the ground up and helping make it the success that it is today. 

It has been a difficult time for Little Wings, however the overwhelming support that we have received from partners and sponsors has been heartening. This support has ensured the continued success of the charity, enabling us to offer a free quality flight service to families from regional NSW.

I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead and am excited to lead the charity into its next phase of growth. In particular, the expansion of our service into the John Hunter Children’s Hospital in Newcastle which will further expand the reach of our services, assisting more families across NSW.

I once again thank everyone for their contribution to the charity. The Little Wings team remains dedicated to the cause and to the families that we assist, and we will continue to work hard to ensure the charity soars to new heights.

Regards, Richelle Koller


Upcoming Events - Cash Housie

Have you ever thought about playing Cash Housie? Are you looking for something to do whilst supporting a charity? Little Wings is fortunate to have venues with Cash Housie sessions running each week.

Similar to Bingo, Cash Housie is played with printed tickets bearing numbered squares. Numbers are selected at random and called to the players by a Housie caller. A player has to mark off all of the numbered squares first in order to win.

To find out more information or visit your nearest venue please click on the link below.

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Our Children's Story - Molly

We were first introduced to Little Wings a year ago, after our 18 month old daughter was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. Everyone that we have met that wears the Little Wings uniform have not only been professional and courteous, but warm, welcoming and friendly. We have flown back and forth countless times in that time; in fact if we hadn't have been fortunate enough to be taken under the caring wing of Little Wings, my daughter and I would have been stranded in Sydney for her treatments. There was no way our vehicle would have been able to make the arduous journey back and forth to Sydney, and regular public transport would have financially out of reach. The evidence of our believe in the unreliability of our car came early on in our Little Wings journey. The plane had landed at Narromine to pick us up as normal, my husband watched on as my daughter and I were strapped in and the doors closed. Only when it came for the engine to start up, it was obvious something was wrong. The starter motor had decided it didn't want to start. So we unloaded from the plane, re-organised everything in the car so that we could fit the two pilots in as well. We all needed to get on a commercial flight in Dubbo, since the Little Wings plane wouldn’t be moving anywhere until an engineer fixed the plane.

But of course, that wasn't the end of the saga, we had barely made it to the opposite side of town when there was an almighty bang as we tried to turn on to the highway to Dubbo. We had dropped a piston. How embarrassed were we that we couldn't even get ourselves, let alone the pilots to Dubbo airport? Our 'backwater' town didn't even have a taxi service that would take us to Dubbo. Thankfully, I was able to call a friend who lived around the corner who was more than happy to lend us her car to get to the airport with plenty of time to catch our commercial flight to Sydney. The time spent both waiting for our flight, and on the flight provided us with the perfect opportunity to establish a very fond friendship; after all it's not as easy to have a chat whilst sitting in the back of the Little Wings plane, whilst Sammi and Adrian are up front with head-sets on. It may have been a spot of bad luck with both plane and car breaking down, but we can only be thankful that we were so close to home when we broke down, and that nothing went wrong with the plane in-flight. And despite the countless flights we have had since then, it remains one of the most memorable of flights!

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Entertainment Book

Entertainment™ memberships contain thousands of valuable offers (up to 50% off and 2-for-1) from many of the best restaurants, cafes, arts, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more! 

20% of every membership sold contributes to our fundraising for Little Wings. Help us achieve our goal by sending this link with your friends and family. 

To order your copy click on the link below.

15K Grant Recipient

Little Wings were fortunate to recently receive some generous support from the James N Kirby Foundation.

The engine replacement of one of our aircraft was required much earlier than expected due to the high volume of flights we have been providing. This funding was used towards funding the engine replacement.

Thank you to the James N Kirby Foundation for their valuable support.

City2Surf Team

Little Wings are putting together a team for the 2015 City2Surf on Sunday 9th August. Whether you are a competitive runner or a leisurely walker we'd really appreciate your support.

Team members are encouraged to join the Blue Start group for an 8:30am run time.

If you would like to join the team or give some money to one of our team members please visit the link below.

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Children and their families who are affected by childhood illness face significant emotional, practical and financial difficulties.
Little Wings provides support to rural and regional families in need.

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